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    plaintive sweetness, that h▓er husband could only press her ●to his heart in silence, and inwar▓dly pray it might be as she said.Of Ar●éli she had not spoken, and he gue●ssed too truly wherefore.From the● hour of their banishment, a change ▓had come over the s

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    pirit of t●he boy; his smiles still greeted th▓ose he loved, but he was longer aw▓ay than was his wont, and Imri, following hi●m at a distance, could see h▓im ever lingering amid his favouri●te haunts; and when far removed, a▓s he believed, from the sight of ma

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    n, ●he would fling himself on the grass, and w▓eep, till sometimes, from very exhaustion, sleep● would steal over him, and then, ▓starting up, he would make hasty sketches of s▓ome much-loved scenes, to prove to his sis●ter how well he had been employe▓d. Th

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    ese painful proofs of the poor boy’s ▓sorrow Imri could conceal, but not the decay of▓ bodily strength; or deny, when Jo▓sephine appealed to him, tha●t his frame became yet more shadowy ▓in its beautiful proportions,—that the r▓ose which had spread itself on ?/p> Josephine

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